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25 things you (maybe) didn’t know about me:

#1. I love baked potatoes.  Mostly because they’re a vessel to soak up butter.


#2. I had a condition called pubic bone dysplasia in both pregnancies.  It’s supposed to heal with time but two years later when I’m on a pathetic jog run to clear my head, I can’t change direction without throbbing pain. I thought to write this down when I was clearing my head on a pathetic jog run.


#3. Before I started doing this blog full time I worked in product development marketing baby products.  I’ve been to factory floors in China and watched someone weld together parts to a carseat.  I’ve sat in 5 hour meetings to discuss logo placements on a highchair.  I’ve analyzed the design of just a stroller wheel for an entire year.  I negotiated contracts, launched brands, and got my ass handed to me in multiple sales meetings.  I’m thankful for all of it. This is a picture of me and my team in China.  (I had just pretended to try fried snake and took down about 5 shots of Baijiu.)30331_399314312694_3546253_n

#4. The last time I wore a pair of stockings was… I have never worn a pair of stockings.

#5. Although I am outgoing and friendly, I’m extremely sensitive.  (If you prick us, do we not bleed? – Shakespeare) 


#6. I write a primiarly personal blog but there are a lot of things in our family’s everyday life that I keep just for us.

#7. Sometimes I see kids sitting perfectly calm in their grocery carts at Target and think to myself What the actual F*ck?


#8. I despise a carrot. I love all other vegetables.  (Except a beet.  Don’t come at me with a beet.)  I don’t even like shredded carrots in salads. Recently my 4 year old proudly picked one she grew and asked me to taste how delicious it was. How do you say no to that?  I had to plug my nose and couldn’t get the taste out of my mouth for hours.  I know, go figure.  Carrots.


#9. My first job out of college was with Martha Stewart Omnimedia in Manhattan. I worked with some of the best photographers, product developers, vendors, stylists, crafters and chefs in the world.  My cubical was right outside the test kitchen in the food lab.  I gained 15lbs in one year.

#10. I talk to my Mom three times a day.  She tells me what I need to hear to keep on going. I told her once how I loved watching Miss P. dance; how it reminded me of my old ballet lessons.  Later I found this picture on the nightstand next to my bed.  On the back it says “You will always be my precious ballerina.”  I hope everyone has a personal cheerleader in their life like this.


#11. I often wake up in the middle of the night and jot stuff down in a teal and pink notebook that I leave on that same nightstand. I wrote down the idea for this post at 2:15am. It said: “I hate carrots. And stockings.”

#12. I have a 92 year old grandfather that means the world to me. He’s always been in my life.  Every time we chat he asks about my blog and the various work I do.  He’s incredibly well read, an ex bomber pilot in the Air Force, a high school principle and an undefeated football coach.  He has the best stories.  Here he is checking the news on his iPad while my husband reads it old-school style.


#13. I’m deathly afraid of birds and cats.  Too much unpredictability.  One minute they are on the ground, the next minute maybe they’re on your head.  You don’t get to decide.

#14. I have two redheaded sisters – one older, one younger.  I used to pity myself for being in the middle but now I love it and the different relationship I get to have with each one.


#15. When I get overwhelmed I get sick.  Shingles. Fifth Disease.  Strep Throat.  My body knows how to slow me down.

#16. I love yoga but haven’t been able to enjoy it in a studio setting since selling my studio. The beauty of yoga is that it’s a practice that always resides within you.  I’m waiting for it to come present itself again.  This image was taken by KLC Photography in my old studio. I surrounded myself with yoga teachers that were sweet and loyal and amazingly good people.  I miss them everyday.

View More: http://photographybyklc.pass.us/ctownyoga

#17. Ever since having kids I cry at everything.  I shed a tear walking by a dead baby bird the other day. Weird because see #13.

#18. One of the best gifts I’ve ever received was an oil painting done by my Mother in Law:


#19. I love the smell of my kids first thing in the morning.  It’s visceral and intoxicating. Nothing else compares.

#20. I have terrible TMJ.  This means I grind my teeth at night without even knowing it.  Nothing can cure this type of thing.  Instead I get to wear a really sexy mouth guard.

#21. I love all red wine except for Pinor Noir. Pinot Noir tastes flat and boring to me.  I like to drink red wine at room temperature, never chilled.  I like to drink coffee piping hot even in the middle of summer.  I used to sell coffee mugs to Starbucks corporate.  I loved flying to Seattle from Chicago, where we lived at the time.  This is a run-on “thing.”

#22. My favorite kind of humor is physical humor.  A guy walks into a bar.  No, really.

#23. I read the entire package copy of everything I buy: cosmetics, shampoo, food.  Front to back.  I’ve done this since I can remember.

#24. Serious political conversations make me very uncomfortable.  VEEP is my favorite show.

#25. I have vivid memories of sitting in my Dad’s home office typing term papers for high school.  I fell in love with everything I ever wrote.  He would take a red pen and cross out 6 words to every two sentences.  At the time I was crestfallen.  Now when I sit and write I think about my Dad and his red pen.  My sentences are a lot less flowery and I never fall in love with anything.  Dad made me the writer I am today.


Your turn, pretty please? Just three quick things in the comment section below or on this  Facebook posting.  I’d love to get to know you better, too.


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