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I am a birthday lunatic.  Maybe I love birthdays so much because I hate Christmas. Up until three years ago I would celebrate my birthday for the entire month.  Hubby knows I like (expect) to do this and he’s usually pretty good about it. One year before we were married I remember him organizing at least 10 different things for my special month but on the actual day he had Celtics tickets and went to the game.  I still haven’t forgiven him.  When I was little, I used to ask Mom for ridiculously complicated birthday cakes.  Most 9 year olds would be happy with any cake as long as it had colored frosting and sprinkles.  I asked for a cake in the shape of a gum ball machine with actual gum balls and coins coming out of it.  (These were the days before Pinterest, people.)

But now things are different.  I have a little girl that turns another year older exactly three days before I do.  The day of my birth rides family dog and my crazy birthday energy gets channeled through Miss P.  Yes, I am most likely creating a monster but she is the most important girl-person in the world to me and I want to celebrate her life so someone try to stop me.  We started celebrating her birthday on April 1st and didn’t technically stop until May 5th.  We both enjoyed every minute while Hubby laughed and shook his head.  {When my birthday came and went during the middle of this I didn’t even mind the most exciting part of it was reading my Facebook wall.}

Below are just some of the highlights of our month-long birthday celebration and here’s my only tip: Don’t even do half of this.  If you’re looking for me in the month of April 2024 when she asks to bring 10 friends to Disneyland in a private jet I’ll be locked in the bathroom with a pint of gin in the fetal position.

The Birthday Month Extravaganza Ridiculousness

We had to celebrate at pre-school.  I made mini-banana splits and came in with cans of whipped cream so the kids could put it on themselves.  Because cupcakes are so….2013?  I came early so I could watch her friends sing to her and was delighted to see they made a crown and a birthday book.  Pre-school knows what’s up.











We had to get “Bucky” – Jake & The Never Land Pirate’s Ship – at Target.  It’s made out of plastic with virtually no play value for a whopping $45.  When I told her that would be her only gift and it we’d just have to remember it when the actual day came I was so unconvincing I snorted at myself.  We went to iParty three times during the month of April and spent an hour each time getting stuff we “had” to have for her third birthday.  Like a full leotard princess outfit and a crown and a necklace and a huge number 3 balloon that drove The D Man crazy in our kitchen for 30 days straight.

When we happened to be in the mall the day before her actual birthday and walked by Magic Beans she saw this magical beast in the window and ran in to hug it.  She didn’t even ask me to buy it for her.  I figured that behavior needed to be rewarded so here I am with the affectionately dubbed “Raffe Number 5”  after fighting through the Boston Marathon crowds to get it into our car.  Hubby was not with us.  I don’t recommend trying to sneak a 6 foot stuffed giraffe onto the top floor of your house in the hopes that it goes unnoticed.


We had four separate mini parties for her with my two sisters, visiting cousins, and friends from our first Isis class.  Finally it was time for the main event.  She was asking everyone to come to her birthday party – the cleaning people, the check-out lady at Stop & Shop, bums on the street, you name it.  But we decided to keep it to her close friends that she sees on at least a monthly basis.  (I guess the bums should have been invited now that I think of it.)  I try to have a non-character birthday party every year and so far I’m three for three. (I will be dressed as Captain Hook next April, though, I’m sure of it.)  We went with a girl-superhero theme.  I ordered capes for all of her friends and got her a special pink one.   The event was held at the Boston Athletic Club in the Field House and the staff was incredibly helpful.  I could actually enjoy the party, my daughter, and our friends while they handled everything.  We put two bouncy castles in the field house courtesy of Busy Bee Jumpers (New Englanders, I highly recommend them if you are ever in the market for a …. bouncy house?  Tell Sal I said hello!)

We had a blast.  The best part of the day was when Miss P. jumped in my arms and shouted “This is so much fun Mommy, can we do it again later!?” Hubby made me say no but I’m not sure how he resisted these smiles:


Cape: Superfly Kids

Cake: Sweet Tooth Bakery

Superhero Lollipops with Capes: Oriental Trading

Invites: Eventful Cards on Etsy


10171900_10152119423732695_1279100490070451823_nsuperhero super girl birthday invitation

This is a sponsored post.  The opinions are my own.

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