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Shades of Sound


This ballet came and went but I just want to give it a mention and encourage anyone who’s lucky enough to experience this in their city to go.  Androgynous, sexual, soft, hard, and then I was literally at a loss for words 10 minutes in.  This was not your Grandmother’s ballet.  And these were the random thoughts that passed through my mind while  simultaneously having my mind blown:

  • Now I get it.  Hubby watches Patriot Malcolm Butler’s Super Bowl interception every day because it makes him happy.  The ballet is my Super Bowl.
  • These dancers have Mommies and Daddies that must be so proud.  I think I would never miss a performance if my kid had this kind of talent.
  • The amount of laser hair removal in this room is insane.  Men included.
  • Why aren’t these women’s boobs popping out?  Oh wait they have no boobs.
  • What the hell was I doing with my life while these dancers were spending hour upon hour practicing a craft?  Jeesh, one less reality show probably could have served me better.
  •  I think I may have pulled something reaching under the seat for my pretzels and beer.

Congrats to Boston Ballet Shades of Sound ticket giveaway winner Hilary Quinn! Thanks for playing our Facebook contest. 

Toxic Free Mama: The Healthy Home Company


I thought that I was pretty good about using products that are toxic-free in my home.  But I was school’ed when I took this company’s Toxic Test.  I think we’d all agree we want to keep our babies as toxic-free as possible.  This first of it’s kind membership buying club seeks to replace as many as 90 toxic household products by shipping them right to your door.  Check out the line, here.

The Toxic Free Mama is giving away a free hand sanitizer.  Head on over to MIM’s Facebook page.  Comment and tell us you want to try it! Winners drawn on Wednesday April 1st. 

Chooze Shoes


Creative. Confident. Inspiring.  The woman who started this company had a spirited child who loved expressing herself through wardrobe choices.  I think some of you can probably relate (“I want to wear two different types of shoes and a tutu with no shirt Mommy.”)  I love that she embraced her child’s spirit and came up with “Chooze.”  A shoe company with two different designs to each pair.  Miss P. loves hers – and I love that we actually get shoes on before leaving the house.  Want a pair?  Go to our Facebook page and tell us for a chance to win!

Pilates with Hanneke


SPWHooYou had me at “At Home Workout.”  I have zero time to go to the gym nor do I have any interest in getting dressed in acceptable athletic gear.  So I like to occasionally sneak “work-outs” in during The D Man’s nap time but it’s hard to stay motivated.  This woman will keep you motivated and make sure you have fun doing it.  I love spending nap time with her in my living room.  Ok that sounds weird. She recently came out with 3 new videos and is giving one away on my Facebook page.  Head on over and tell us why you want it for a chance to win! Oh, and here’s a link to her store to purchase the VIDEOS now if you can’t wait for your toned abs.  (They can be downloaded to your computer, tablet, or phone.)

The Duet 2 in 1: Skip Hop Diaper Bag



Best new diaper bag ever, just sayin’.Duet 2-in-1 Diaper Tote

  • Dual purpose – take the inside portion out to use on date night sans diapers.
  • Stylish – Meaning it DOESN’T look like a diaper bag.
  • Rugged Material – Unlike our kids…this baby washes easy.
  • Compliment City – Wait for it because other Moms will love it.

Want one? Tell us why you need it on our Facebook page for a chance to win!


Bump Your Baby


I found this product at a trade show and really loved the idea.  It’s essentially an exercise ball with legs that keep it stable.  It’s great for prenatal moms and can be used during labor.  It’s also great for babies with tummy and play time.  I came up with another use – my toddler bounces on it for “exercise” while she watches her show.  Makes a cool, unique shower gift, too!  Want one?  Tell us you want to try it on our Facebook page for a chance to win the product.



We took the kiddos to the circus last Saturday in Boston and had a lot of fun.  My 17 month old sat on my lap for an hour and 50 minutes without moving a muscle, totally engrossed.  (I think that speaks volumes for the entertaining ability of this show.)  Miss P. loved the animals (the African porcupine kinda blew our minds.)  Hubby and I are still trying to figure out the “Quick Change” and Contortionist tricks.  It was seriously dinner conversation last night.  Go see for yourself – MIM readers use promo APPLE to save 20% off tickets – buy here. 

(That’s not just one ticket but the whole purchase.  *Limited avail.  Offer good on select seats and shows.  Children under 3 are free when on the lap of a paid adult, one child per lap.) 


– MIM –

This is a sponsored post.  Winners will be chosen via Facebook on Wednesday, April 1st.  Post about as many products as you’d like to increase your odds.  Please make sure to check back in comments.

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