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MIM Kisses and Tells



  • What:  Data Fit Technology for the best fitting casual shirt for men
  • Why?  So Hubby can stop buying “schmedium’s” and thinking they fit right
  • Check out STANTT

Who: Rest Devices

  • What:  A onesie-based infant monitor that monitors respiration, body position, skin temperature, audio, and activity level
  • Why?  So I can stop falling asleep at my computer
  • Check out Rest Devices

Who: TaskRabbit

  • What:  Bid on real live errand-boy’s!
  • Why?  Seriously, why not? 
  • Check out TaskRabbit

Who: Supplet

  • What?  Delivering little boxes of joy to new moms
  • Why:  Besides giving new moms a taste of some great new products, the Misadventures in Mommyhoood book is also included in the box!  A perfect new mom book all around.
  • Check out Supplet

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