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MIM’S NOVEMBER ROUND UP PLUS The. Best. Xmas. Gift. Giveaway. Ever.

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I scouted some pretty cool products over the last couple of weeks MIM’ers.  I have to start with something maternity-related given my recent announcement: Because, You.  Even if you aren’t pregnant we all know someone who is which means you have to be a good friend and tell them about my comfy PJ’s.  No seriously the pants are called My Comfy PJ’s They are specifically made for uncomfortable pregnant women (Me! Me! Me!) This company out of Australia came up with a pair of pajama pants with comfy knee inserts to help with alignment.  Forget the big pillow in between your knees or the large pregnancy body pillow…these medical grade knee pillows roll with you because they are tucked inside an internal pocket.  Brilliant right? Buy yours on Black Friday and get free shipping from Austrailia to the US with code BFS with no minimum spend to the first 100 customers.

To Buy: My Comfy PJ’s

Alright ladies, try this one on for size.  A ring or bracelet – that looks cool – and syncs with your phone.  You receive custom notifications (only the important ones if you want – Mom, Hubby, Daycare) through gentle vibrations and a subtle light with Bluetooth, so you can put your phone away.  I brought this to the ABC show with me in Vegas and not only did I receive a ton of compliments on the look of it – it kept my hands free to shake and take. You can even track your steps and calories burned.  Ringly connects with over 100 apps. for iOS and Android.  2 other cool things I’m loving about my ring? The jewelry box is the charger and it’s water resistant. I went with black sapphire and although I’m wearing it right now I chose to use a picture of this chick because she looks much more glamorous than I do in my bathrobe.

To Buy: Ringly 

Oh, my daughters curls.  I love them.  I would be sad without them.  But Lord help me and save me they are a full time job in the morning.  I’m constantly looking for great, safe, kid-friendly curly hair products.  Right now we are LOVE-ING the SoCozy Boing line.  After she gets out of the bath and I towel dry her hair, it looks like she just got out of a salon after a good diffusing.  

We went up to the White Mountains in New Hampshire this weekend.  It’s one of our favorite getaways.  It’s the perfect spot to re-charge after an emotional week and enjoy being outside.
Processed with VSCO with c1 preset I packed our entire house including sound machines and oatmeal packets but of course left Paigely’s jacket at home.  Since it was about 25 degrees up there I had no choice but to go and get her a new one.  I found this cute little ski store on the main strip.  Hubby was out for a run so I had the two kids in tow.  I was pawing through the sale jackets when I heard a “Mommy Look!” The two of them had both put on bright green sunglasses and were posing behind me.  “Guys! You little rascals.  Put those back right now” I half-scolded and half-laughed.  When I was bringing the coat up to purchase it I passed by the display and took another look at what they had put on.  My little rascal-scouters had just found my new favorite pair of sunglasses for only $25! You can’t tell from the picture but they have really cool faux wood sides.
Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

  To Buy: Piper & Plum

I’ve been trying to find more meaningful books to read to my 5.5 year old daughter lately.  Nothing too heavy, but something a little more than Fancy Nancy and Splat The Cat, you know what I mean? We’ve been enjoying “Lady Lucy’s Quest: The Power Of The Possible.” It’s about a feisty girl who wants to be a Knight but is told she can’t be.  She never gives up and how she succeeds is what really matters.  (I won’t ruin the surprise.)  From the Author: We will now have a new president, a favorite of many and deeply concerning to others. And, although we did not see the first woman to break the highest glass ceiling, we need to be committed to equality, diversity and the good will of people. The power of one’s dreams remains more important than pre-election. Believe in the power of the possible; hurdles can be overcome. Keep charging forward for what one believes in. This is a hard, yes. But, Lucy did not give up. You shouldn’t either. Peaceful protests are proof that our Democracy works. Pursuing one’s dreams never ends. Stay on your quest. Believe in yourself.lady-lucys-quest-book-cover

To Buy: Lady Lucy’s Quest

Another place to snag thought-provoking books for the 4-7 year old crowd is in the Kid’s section under Biography at any given bookstore.  Right now we are learning about Maya Angelo and George Washington in a fun and interesting way before bed.


We saw the Kellogg’s Tour of Gymnastics Olympic Champions on Sunday.  I was really impressed by the presentation and both of my little gymnasts had their eyes glued with pretty impressive attention spans.  The performance was So.Well.Done.

Wednesday after my Twitter Chat with Safety 1st (Join us!)
14955950_10154643970769354_9083888994741455055_nI’m headed to center court with the Celtics courtesy of Comcast.  Hubby.So.Jealous.

On Friday night I’ll be joining Hood Eggnog at the Festival of Lights in Edaville.  Kids.So.Excited.

We are headed to the Mommy Poppins Awards Night after Thanksgiving.  I’m up for a Boston Bestie Award for Best Social Media Mom.  But you knew that because you already voted for your bestie right!? Thanks.SO.Much. (Really.)

The dress rehearsal of the Boston Ballet’s Nutcracker is next Friday and we’ll be bringing the kids.  I secretly So.Want.To.Be.A.Dancer.

Thanks for sticking with me guys.  Now for the Best. Xmas. Gift. Giveaway. Ever.  You all know I’m a reformed trampoline lover.  The only one I’ll ever recommend is from JumpSport.  It’s hands (and feet) down the best on the market and has given my kids countless hours of exercise, fun, and improved coordination.  And as long as there is only 2 of them on it at a time, I’m never worried about their safety.  It’s just that well made.  Jumpsport is giving away a 14 foot AlleyOOP VariableBounce trampoline to 1 very lucky MIM follower just in time for Christmas.   That’s a $1500 value my friends!  Go over to this post on MIM’s Facebook page, comment below the post, then share it. (We know if you did!)  US residents only.  Contest ends and winner picked on Monday November 21st.



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