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Quarantine, Schmorentine: You need these things.

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Just what you need – an article on MORE things to see and do in Corona Quarantine! I’m writing this because so many people have asked about the balloon lady and others I’m getting down all of my suggestions in one place so I can direct people here. But if you are like me and SO OVER emails suggesting what you should be doing other than sitting around in your PJ’s than carry on. Ultimately, my heart breaks for all small businesses and this is my “small” part of helping them out….


Balloon Joy Boston. Do you have a birthday in quarantine? Or 3 birthdays in our case. This woman is SO talented and delivers all over Boston and surrounding. The joy these arrangements bring are priceless. Riggs had a Blippi theme and Paigely had a Frozen theme complete with a singing balloon! Masked and gloved delivery, balloons sanitized. Tell her I sent you!

Busy Bee Jumpers. We’ve received two deliveries so far and they have been a GOD SEND for the kids. They jump for hours and are finally tired at night. It turns your backyard – you know the one your kids haven’t left in a month in a half – into a new fun space. 48 hours in between rentals, wiped down before and after contactless delivery. Payment over the phone. Tell Sal I said hi!


My kids are loving My Gym Live and I don’t have a picture of it personally because I’m totally in the mix with them! My Gym LIVE schedules are live on zoom and each gym’s website. Families can sign up anytime and the first class is always free! Once you’re signed up for a class, the gym will email and/or text a link and password to access the class from a laptop, smart TV, tablet, or phone and watch LIVE interactive classes led by your favorite My Gym teachers: https://www.mygym.com


Glove Up live workouts. You guys, these trainers are SO funny in these IG live classes. You feel like you are in the room with them (minus the punching bag.) If you sign up, make sure to pay their monthly membership fee so we can get back in there with the lights on once this is over!

Jane Do. A good friend of mine from home and an ex-rockette was on her way building a fitness empire all over NJ and NYC before this virus. I downloaded their app and do 10-25 min workouts here and there when I can and I love their humor, music, and burn in a short amount of time. They also do Jane Do Littles workouts for kids! 50 percent off the first month plus the first week free using the code BADA$$MOM


Here We Grow. Every Wednesday and Friday at 12pm via Instagram Live my friend Taryn leads little ones with pots and pans in a family music jam! Includes story time and puppet play. Check them out @herewegrowatl


Cohasset Learning Studio has been everything to us! Totally takes the pressure off homeschooling. Everything is done over Zoom. Paigely takes Math lessons with her girlfriends and a professional tutor complete with games and fun homework assignments. She loves seeing her friends and she probably also loves I’m not getting frustrated trying to figure out 3rd grade math. Decker (Kindergarten) takes reading lessons twice a week. He picked up a book last night and read it cover to cover for the first time, I was blown away! This is 100% of the lessons he has been taking as the worksheets we get just don’t cut the proverbial mustard. Tell Abigail I said hi, too: abigailbsullivan@gmail.com


A friend of mine is selling Scout & Cellar wines and until she sent me a couple of bottles (we were supposed to do a taste test in early March) I didn’t really get what the hype was. Well I’ll tell you what the hype is – these wines not only taste good, you will never get a hangover from their clean ingredients. You’re welcome.
How to order: https://scoutandcellar.com/?u=laurenmcelaney


Whether it’s a birthday, special occasion, or just because (the best kind) make sure to reach out to your local florist – or if you’re sending flowers, call ahead to a local florist in that area. I’ve done this a bunch and they are always so thankful. Special thanks to Olive James and Paul Douglas for showering me with pretty blooms during this time…both great local options here!

I’ll keep adding to this as I find more, and please feel free to send ideas to kqsales@gmail.com. I’ll answer in between meals, homeschooling, puppy training, pre schooler tantrums, and snacks. Missing you all so much.

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