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I love to buy things but I’m not a fan of Christmas.  The whole “Be A Good Boy/Girl Or Santa Won’t Come” drives me nuts.  What happened to being good for the sake of being intrinsically good? Hubby rolls his eyes.  I also struggle with the guilt that Christmas makes me feel.  As a kid I would cry in my room for hours after opening gifts on Christmas morning.  I cried for the kids who didn’t get gifts at all that morning, it was depressing.  Hubby is cross-eyed.  Also, Christmas comes with a lot of glitter and I can’t stand glitter.  Christmas stuff is usually cheesy and red and green aren’t colors that even go together.  I passed a bum on the street the other day shaking a cup and grumbling “Merry Fucking Christmas.”  I wanted to scream “YES!  THANK YOU!”

Hubby obviously thinks I’m a heathen and refuses to let our daughter grow up hating Christmas.  We were in Home Depot the other day looking for a Christmas Tree when he took a sharp turn with the cart into the ornament aisle.  Practically exploding with glee he kept trying to put acetate packages of glitter balls in our cart.  I kept taking them out.  After hearing my anti-glitter rant for the 100th time he turns around and yells,  “It’s Christmas!!  Glitter is SUPPOSED to be all over the house!”  He scoops Miss P. out of the cart, spins her around, and points out all of the blow-up dolls overhead.  I avert my eyes so cheese doesn’t drip in them.

I know Hubby’s right.  I want my daughter to love and experience the magic of Christmas.

I’d just like her to do it guilt and glitter free.

I will admit seeing her eyes light up at her first “TIS-MEE TEE!” made my icy disposition melt.  So here I am, going balls to the wall Christmas.  Literally.  Here is a picture of those damn glitter balls, up against our wall:

Oh, why are they still in the packaging you ask? This is called a compromise people.  Hubby gets to keep his balls and I stay glitter free.

Back to my original statement: I love to buy things.  And giving free stuff away helps me with my Christmas guilt. So listed below are some of my favorite things and some great give-aways for my Facebook fans.  Rules on how to enter are at the end of this post. Good Luck, and Merry Fucking Christmas.


Pre-kid, my beauty routine used to take me an hour.  I was meticulous.  Now I’m lucky if I get deodorant under my left armpit and eyeliner under my right eye.  Enter Bare Escentuals.  They offer great tools to make you look like a human being in less than 60 seconds.  My favorites: “Well-Rested” (Because Lord knows I’m not) and “Fab in a Flash.” Thanks for understanding, Bare Escentuals.

GUILT & GLITTER FREE GIVEAWAY:  “Fab in a Flash” Kit from Bare Escentuals 

(2 Winners)

Exfolikate by Kate Sommerville

Every time I get a facial (like, once a year) the Estethician casually asks “So, what are you using to exfoliate?”  I never had an answer, until I met Kate.  I use this sucker once a week, just a dab.  It gives my skin a healthy glow and gets rid of the “Oh, you must not sleep well” look.  You can actually feel it working and it smells like pumpkin. I kinda wish it was edible.  

GUILT & GLITTER FREE GIVEAWAY: Exfolikate Tubes by Kate Somerville (2 Winners)


I have long hair that I will never cut.  I made that bet with my hair dresser when I became pregnant.  She thought for sure I would be like everyone else and come in 8 months pregnant begging her to chop my hair off.   But here I am, Miss P. turning the corner on 2 years old and my hair is still long. (Plus it’s curly and red so I’m afraid if I cut it I’ll look like this:)

Or worse, this:

Cristalliste is the only product that actually works for my long hair.  It gives me that Kardashian Redheaded Stepchild look I’m striving for. 

Cristalliste by Kerastase

I get my layers/ends cut once every 6 months.  I try to plan it before a big night out which is perfect because I usually have one of those every 6 months too.  Alex Craig works at Bradley & Diegel on Newbury Street which made Best of Boston 2012.  She is the only stylist I’ve had that doesn’t try to convince me to do something I don’t really want.  Hubby never noticed a haircut until I started going to her.

GUILT & GLITTER FREE GIVEAWAY: Call 617.266.7707 to book an appointment with Alex at Bradley & Diegel.  Mention Misadventures in Mommyhood during your haircut and she’ll give you 10% off.  (Must book with Alex to get discount.)


I know that sounds obnoxious but let me explain.  For 18 months after delivery my body was in pain.  Miss P. is 20 months old and my body is

just now

feeling back to normal.  When I was pregnant I treated myself to a twice a month massage.  I figured I wasn’t spending money on wine so why not.  I found Frances Masterson at Isis Parenting and dear God did that woman know her way around a pregnant body.  I never felt more calm  than I did on her table. And that’s important because your boobs will probably fall on either side of it.  Frances recently helped start a brand new local massage business in the North End:


(Of course she did; she’s just that good.)

GUILT & GLITTER FREE GIVEAWAY: A 60 minute Swedish massage with Frances at Bodywaves Boston with a Coconut Oil upgrade.


Need I say more? 



Want something?  Head over to my Facebook page and tell me why you need each of our giveaways in 1 comment. (Please no sob stories though, let’s keep it light.)  If you can not benefit from the massage (meaning you don’t live in Boston/Surrounding or don’t know anyone from Boston/Surrounding you can gift it to) please do not include it in your comment. 


“FREE MASSAGE.  Because my body hasn’t been touched since giving birth.  EXFOLIKATE.  Because the only exfoliation my face receives is when I kiss my husband.  FAB IN A FLASH.  Because I’d like to be.  QUINNY BUZZ: Because who doesn’t need a new $700 stroller?” 

You can steal mine if you are really at a loss for words and still want to enter.  It’s Christmas, afterall.    

Six different winners announced after Christmas: 1 massage winner, 2 Fab in A Flash Kit winners, 2 Exfolikate Tube winners & 1 Quinny stroller winner.

Since this is a random drawing what you say will have no bearing on whether you win, I just like hearing from you. 


Disclaimer: Although the author may be compensated for her posts, the thoughts and opinions are her own.

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