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I had the pleasure of attending the largest Baby and Child Expo in Las Vegas this week.  I got to walk the show and hand select cool new products to tell you about.  I secured some great giveaways, four new blisters, and a hangover.  Make sure to check out all of the images from my time at the show by following #mimsfavoritethings and #gbthatsme on my social media channels via @KristinQuinnMom.



Check out this gorgeous line of innovative outerwear in deluxe fabrics and fun colors.  Here I am on the left modeling a diaper bag in the booth, but hell if I didn’t really want to be in an adult size version of this:








NewTortleLogo2I was terrified of flat-head syndrome on my babes.  I thought about it every time they were sitting or laying down which was, like, 85% of the time.  Whenever the flatness would start to come I would silently criticize myself for not holding them enough.  Isn’t it terrible how much a Mom will question herself?  This cute head beanie helps prevent and treat flat head syndrome simply by repositioning.  It can be used in carseats, bouncers, swings, and strollers.


neatcheeks_logo_newtag_rgb-1-350x139You know how your baby hates getting his face wiped?  Turn that frown upside down with scented baby wipes. 15 seconds into a conversation with this fabulous owner and I’m posing for pictures, discussing how we’re going to be on Jimmy Fallon together (just wait for it.)



My dreams have been answered: A Universal Baby Monitor Shelf.   To say my dreams have changed since having kids is an understatment.  One of my biggest pet-peeves is that I have nowhere to put the baby monitor.  Right now it’s resting on the top of the glider that sits next to the crib. It falls off every time I sit down.  The angle is always wrong and you end up looking at the crib slats or actually having to drill something into your wall. Um, what’s a drill? No thanks.  This little ditty uses 3M Command strips and gets you the perfect angle of your baby every time.




I loved bouncing on a medicine ball when I was hugely pregnant and continued to bounce my newborn on it when trying to get them to sleep.  But getting on and off those things in both of those situations can resemble a monkey doing not nice things to a football.  A new mom came up with a new idea: add 6 legs! Now it will stay stationary and stable for your precious cargo.



Check out this baby towel warmer from newcomer, Baby’s Journey.  This is most definitely a first-time mom purchase since the second kid is usually lucky to be dried off with a bed sheet…but I loved the idea.  And what a perfect shower gift.

The MIMO baby monitoring onesie is innovation at its best.  (I’m a huge dork and get really excited learning about innovation in baby gear.)  It’s simple: your baby sleeps in a super comfy “kimono” and you download an App. on your phone to know exactly what you’re dealing with.  The “turtle” will tell you everything including sleep status, breathing patterns, body position, and temperature.  Easy to wash in the machine and no weird frequency stuff (like my technical term?)  Learn more here.





Huge, longtime fan of Milkies. Have recommended these puppies to a lot of happy mamas. Read more about them in my Tales From The Pump story.


Oh Boon, can we just get married already?  Love you, mean it.



How cute are these? Vegetable dye tattoo earrings and all natural nail polish “tattoos” to boot, from POPPY DROPS.  I can’t wait to try this on Miss P. (and myself.)



204436385dwLoving this little gadget from Lulaclips because most days I’m tempted to challenge the carseat straps to a fist fight.  These magnetic extra set of “hands” fit all carseats and hold the harness out of the way when loading your child in.  No more digging for the buckles out from under your child = no more waking a sleeping baby. AND they keep hot buckles away from precious skin during hotter months.  Psst: You won’t know you need them until you do!




The DOZER rocks your infant seat FOR YOU.  It also uses white noise and weighs less than 1 pound so you can take it everywhere. Need I say more?




The Baby Swing Sling converts any standard park swing into an infant swing.  (The D Man will swing to that.) 6dcb5f_4b0e2bf871e342b58cd777df0743a5e9.jpg_srz_448_457_85_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srz

The ChooMee top for baby food pouches: Sip it. Cap it. Strap it.  (Prevents spills while promoting independence!) This just made my “Must Have” list.



There are more options for baby food pouches in the grocery stores these days than toothpastes.  It’s hard to find one that really stands out.  The couple behind Love Child explained they are one of the very few that will naturally preserve using only organic lemon juice.  They also infuse blends with quinoa and acerola (a tropical fruit that tastes similar to a cherry.)  They also understand that it’s not just babies sucking on pouches – toddlers still love ’em but wouldn’t dare be seen eating “baby food.”  So they made their packaging age appropriate for picky preschoolers.  PS: How cute are they?8384637

The ELLUM by GB.  I had the pleasure of hosting a selfie extravagance in the GB booth. Check out the images of who I caught with hashtag #gbthatsme on Twitter.  It was a blast meeting the wide variety of people (buyers, media, celebrities, etc.) coming to check out this new US brand.  Expect great things from them in the future.  I couldn’t be more excited to be their US Mom Ambassador.

The Ellum is super lightweight and the fabrics are to-die-for.  It can be purchased at Babies-R-Us.




There we have it folks: All of MIM’S FAVORITE THINGS at the ALL BABY & CHILD EXPO in Vegas.  Lots of great giveaways from these companies on my Facebook page coming soon.  Now, to find some band-aid’s and advil…


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