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I’ve been in Vegas (Baby) at the ALL Baby & Child Expo learning about the latest and greatest products in the market. (But you knew that because you follow me on social media, right? Right?)  If Cher’s driving teacher is the Messiah of the DMV the ABC show is the absolute and final word on all things baby and kids. (I can’t help myself with the Clueless quotes you guys I apologize.)  I love this show as much as my feet hate this show.  I left bloodied and blistered every day and not proud to tell you I walked a block BAREFOOT from the Expo center back to my hotel.  You’d think after 5 years of attending this show I’d remember to pack Vegas “walk of shame” flip flops.  I am happy to report I did not contract a rare disease on that walk.

Here’s a quick rundown of the products I was diggin’ at the show that I think will make our role as MOM much easier.  (I’ll be doing more in-depth reviews on specific product lines from ABC in the future so stay tuned!)

WHAT: Lansinoh TheraPearl Breast Therapy Pack.

WHY: Engorgement. Plugged Ducts. Mastitis. And because pumping sucks.

MIM’S TAKE: This company has always been my go-to for nursing pads.  Now they’ve come out with a breast pump aid that molds to you and helps with let-down you can even use while pumping.  It also equals less time spent at the pump.  Bonus: They just introduced a new pump with a closed system design which means no mold or bacteria in the tubes and features a quiet motor (no, really) and connects to your Smartphone for tracking, reminders, and more.  They were giving away breast toy squeeze balls in this booth and don’t think I didn’t pack some away.  My kids have been playing with them since I’ve been home much to Hubby’s dismay.


WHAT: So Good Refrigerated Baby Food Pouches

WHY: Delicious (I helped myself to a second sample), Organic, Non-GMO, and never heated so your baby is getting the benefit of raw fruits and vegetables.

MIM’S TAKE: When I met the parents behind this brand they made a great point – baby food in pouches can stay on the shelf for a very long time – why, how, and, er, gross as my mind immediately went to foods that have a non-refridgerated long shelf life that totally freak me out (Spam, Mayo, Canned Tuna.) I think we’ll start to see So Good everywhere we see shelf-stable baby food pouches thanks to their refrigerated in-store displays.  So good, So Good.

WHAT: Just Born For Baby 

WHY/MIM’S TAKE: Because finally – beautiful nursery style combinations that don’t give me seizures. Subtle modern patterns and luxuriously soft materials.  Just looking at these products made me want to take a long nap.  You can buy the line at Babies R Us which was news to me.  I was happy I stopped in!

WHAT: Tranquilo Mat

WHY: A portable vibrating mat to sooth your baby!? Why not?

MIM’S TAKE: I got this company’s founder (a local entrepreneur, Labor & Delivery nurse, and fellow redhead) featured in Stroller Traffic this year.  She returned the favor by letting me rest my tired feet, store my bags, and charge my phone in her booth at the show.  I love this innovative no-brainer baby purchase and her new tube packaging is adorable!


Speaking of booths – huge props to Dock A Tot for their stellar balloon installation.  How cool was this and how can I get it in my room? 

Although the focus isn’t toys at the ABC show I did stumble upon one I loved called  Spooner Freestyle Boards (recently on Shark Tank and backed by Mark Cuban.)

 MyDryBaby.com is a line developed by a mom in need who came up with the first and only 100% cotton water repellent baby clothing.  Kinda brilliant, right?

CuddleBright was developed by a Child Development Expert who I had the pleasure of having a long conversation with and really enjoyed.  Even though it’s a book and lovey gift set, it’s really more of an experience that helps ease separation anxiety in infants.  (Where was this when I dropped by first-born off at daycare?!) It’s a great baby shower gift for Moms that will eventually go back to the office.

The Splashy the Splashdown Potty Trainer needs to be in your home if you live with boys.

I’m totally head over heels in love with everything Fridababy puts out (please tell me you’ve seen The Windi!?)

I also spotlighted the Soft Chomp oucheless toothbrush, Veyo gloves (that actually stay on) Doddle & Co’s “Pop” clean pacifier that pops back in when it falls, Silver Cross, and the EzPz Fun all-in-one silicone placemat on Instagram.  But you knew that because you follow me on Instagram and didn’t miss the photo of me pushing the same stroller as Kate Middleton and sucking on a pacifier with Doodle & Co’s co-founder.  Right? Right??

More to come…



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